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Enjoy this simple, lightweight chair for a seriously comfortable backcountry experience or nice evening on the patio. It sets up quickly and easily, and offers great back and neck support. Lightweight, folding design lets you take the chair along while ... More>>
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Enjoy this simple, lightweight chair for a seriously comfortable backcountry experience or nice evening on the patio. It sets up quickly and easily, and offers great back and neck support. Lightweight, folding design lets you take the chair along while camping yet it's sturdy enough to use at home on the deck Sets up quickly and easily Single shockcorded pole structure Storage sack included Imported.

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The Helinox Camp Chair Online Cheap has a very good overall fit but the leather material is a bit stiff and will acquire awhile to become comfortable. It is a unpleasant surprise as all of the previous ariats were willing to hit the road without a burglary period
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Variance: Or just make a quick tent - run a rope among two woods and tricing a tarp over it. Think about down the sides of the tarp with dirt. Done.

Enjoy yourself!

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