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The Leatherman Charge Titanium TTi multi-tool combines 2 winning multi-tools, the Charge AL and ALX, to create this jam-packed tool that's easy and comfortable to use. Lightweight titanium handles protect the blades and are sculpted for comfort to ... More>>
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The Leatherman Charge Titanium TTi multi-tool combines 2 winning multi-tools, the Charge AL and ALX, to create this jam-packed tool that's easy and comfortable to use. Lightweight titanium handles protect the blades and are sculpted for comfort to handle the toughest of jobs Made from S30V stainless steel to provide years of dependable service; each implement is heat-treated to optimal hardness for its function Secure blades are easy to open and close using lock-release on the outside of the handles Interior blades/tools rotate individually, letting you easily grab one at a time Includes both needlenose and regular pliers, plus wire strippers and newly designed wire cutters and hard-wire cutters that have 58% more cutting area S30V® clip-point knife, cutting/gut hook and a saw efficiently handle cutting tasks, and are on the outside of tool for quick and easy access 2 bit drivers, large and small, let you customize your bit selection to fit every job; a 1/8-inch standard screwdriver tackles the rest Includes 8 zinc-coated steel bits* Diamond-covered file is designed to work effectively on wood or metal Features a can/bottle opener, and scissors that are strong enough to cut seatbelts, fishing line, zip-ties and fabric Removable pocket clip gives you the option of clipping onto belt, backpack or car's visor; quick-release lanyard ring for easy detaching Compatible with the Leatherman Bit Kit, sold separately The Leatherman Charge Titanium TTi multi-tool comes with fabric carrying sheath that features a leather flap Assembled in the USA with domestic and imported parts Made in USA. *Includes: Hex 5/32'' and 9/64'' Hex 1/8'' and 7/64'' Hex 3/32'' and 5/64'' Hex 1/16'' and .050'' Robertson #2 and #3 Screwdriver 1/8'' and Torx #15 Phillips #1 and #2 Phillips and flat-tip eyeglasses screwdriver

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The Leatherman Charge Titanium TTi Multi-tool Compare Price has a very good overall fit but the natural leather is a bit stiff and will consider awhile to become comfortable. This is a unpleasant surprise as each of the previous ariats were able to hit the road without a burglary period
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